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Sporty Skillz!! Added on Friday 28 March (at 09:31AM)


So, after collecting in all the donations and counting up, Skillz have raised a whopping £127.55 for Sport Relief!
Well done again everyone and thanks for taking part!
It was loads of fun and great to raise so much money for such a worthy cause!

Check out some of the action shots!

(Scroll to the bottom)

To see where the money goes or donate to Sport Relief yourself go to:

Skillz young people have their say! Added on Monday 24 March (at 14:16PM)


We recently held a learner forum, where young people had the chance to tell us what they thought about their time at Skillz.

Here is some of their feedback:

'Skillz staff are very good 'cos they are always there when you need to talk'

'My attendance and behaviour are better and I have got my head down more'

'I like everything about Skillz, it's fun'

'My behaviour is better because I enjoy it here and we can work in small groups and it's not too crowded'

'I know I have made progress because I attend more and do more work'

'Skillz have helped me out with stuff and made me realise you need Education'

'I like Skillz 'cos they treat you like an adult'

Are you a young person who attends Skillz? Tell us what you think! Our door is always open come and have a chat, fill in a feedback slip and hand it to your tutor or email us at We'd love to hear what you have to say!!

Would you like to attend Skillz? – Get in touch and we can arrange for you to come and have a look round and see what you think!

For information about Skillz, courses we offer and the referral process, please contact Lucy:
0113 2635988

'...a big thank you to Skillz' Added on Monday 24 February (at 16:30PM)


Some fantastic feedback!!

'My first thoughts of Skillz were very negative as I couldn't understand my son not being capable of sitting in a mainstream school for a day without being sent home! It became a daily occurrence then he was sent to Skillz-it seemed like he was being praised for his bad behaviour!!! How wrong I was they have an amazing way with young adolescents and believe me they don't tolerate any bad behaviour my son has finally begun to shine and I have to praise Skillz for never giving up on my son.
He now has fantastic attendance and we are currently working on his punctuality. But a big thankyou to Skillz and I was totally wrong about this off site provision but it's working for my son.

'I'm not angry anymore' Added on Monday 10 February (at 15:03PM)


Read what a young person had to say about their time at Skillz!

'I came to Skillz because I was bad at School. I'd got in trouble for fighting, skipping school and being aggressive with a teacher and was caught smoking weed at School.
Then I came to Skillz.
At first I was mad that I'd been kicked out of school and I wasn’t at School with my mates.
At Skillz I have got lots of qualifications, the ones I enjoyed the most are Brickwork and English and Joinery because Tutors are safe and things are entertaining here.
If I was telling someone new about Skillz I’d tell them to stay 'cos you can get lots out of it.
I’ve improved my reading and writing, my attendance is up and I'm hoping to get some GCSE's.
After Skillz I want to be a plumber.
The best thing about my time at Skillz has been getting qualifications. It’s a nice environment to be in because all the teachers are safe'.
I’m not angry anymore’

We wish you a merry Christmas...... Added on Thursday 19 December (at 16:53PM)


We have two special Christmas thank you videos from the tutors at Skillz -
just click the links below and decide who has the best festive moves.......

The Boys or The Girls

Have a great Christmas break - we will see you in 2014!

Love Team Skillz x

Want to work at Skillz? Get in touch! Added on Friday 06 December (at 12:15PM)