What others have to say about us….


It is really important to us to get the views of everyone that we work with, and here are some of the things that young people,

their parents/carers, schools and partnership agencies have said about Skillz!!

 The schools…

“We refer to Skillz because we have been really impressed with the relationships you have built up with the young people, which has unbelievably improved their attendance in school and has really improved their self esteem, their confidence, so we think you are an ideal provider to make a difference to our vulnerable young people”  (C. Fletcher, October 2015, Director of Inclusion Corpus Christi Catholic College)


“Working with Skillz is an absolute pleasure. The staff are efficient and friendly and the provision deliver a programme to our students of quality standard.

The staff here have been known to build working relationships with some of our most challenging students and the communication between the provision and the academy has been excellent to date which enables swift solutions to any issues that arise.” ( G. Owens, Sept 2015.  The Cooperative Academy, Leeds)




The learners…..


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The Parents and Carers….

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 We love to hear all feedback – please get in touch to tell us about your own experience of working with Skillz!